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Food A'fair PLUS

Food A'fair Private Label Universe Show is an unique platform which will help connect the manufacturers who would rarely have direct access to with buyers, who can get straight to the source for the cost effective customisable products, branding & packaging solutions which are in demand and are in need of the end users.

Food A'fair Plus, will bring together food & beverage manufacturing focussing on utilising their manufacturing capacity to the full extent with buyers, startup and new marketeers avoid the huge capital investments on machinery technology, labour issues and focus on taking to the products to the desired customer groups.

Globally, Private labels are on high demand, however, in India the trend is slowly moving up slowly but but not to the extent as western world. Margins in private label is 25-175 % higher as compared to regular brands in stores & digital platform. Increasing awareness and more value for money has made consumer prefer private label brands

Special Events concurrent to Food A'fair 2024
  • Wine Tasting Session
  • Bake a Cake Session
  • Cheese Tasting Session
  • Food Fest

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